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CnG's SongRoads
Greg Markelz - Songwriter / Producer
Chipotle (Left)  &  Greg (Right)
Hi, I'm Chipotle, and my family are the best kind of people around. You see, they found me at an animal rescue and let me tell you, I couldn't ask for a better family!

My dad Greg is a songwriter, and I had an excellent idea for him. I wanted him to write songs that tell our stories, speak for us through music. I believe we can help other animals find their forever homes by telling their stories, letting them speak through the sounds of CnG's SongRoads. 
I'm "C", and he is "G"!

Hi, I'm Greg Chipotle's dad. Chipotle's story is a journey, from being a stray in the White Mountain area of Northern Arizona to being captured by a kill shelter and eventually being rescued by a no-kill shelter. 

Rescue animals hold a special place in our family's heart, and our songs and this project are a manifestation of that passion. You're invited to join our exclusive CnG's Street Team and help us help other rescue animals find their forever homes.
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